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Participation does not involve any expense for your practice:

  • No active cooperation or changes to the workflow required

  • No additional effort for the staff

  • No costs

  • Compliance with all relevant data protection regulations (new data protection law, anonymized patient data)

  • Automatic data transfer in the background

If you are interested in participating, please write to us at

Supported software

The FIRE export program is currently provided by seven electronic health record vendors (in alphabetical order):

  • AESKULAP (Kern Concept AG)

  • curaMED (Swisscom)

  • pex II (Delemed AG)

  • siMed (amétiq AG)

  • tomedo (zollsoft AG)

  • vitomed (Vitodata AG) (browser based solution only)

  • WinMed® (TMR AG)

Your advantages:
FIRE feedback report

As a member of the FIRE Study Group, you will automatically receive a FIRE feedback report every two months (from 2024), in which clinical and practice-relevant evaluations of your practice data are compiled and compared with the data of other (anonymized) participating colleagues. You are also involved in scientific publications under affiliation with the «FIRE Study Group».
The FIRE feedback report contains information and statistics that reflect your own clinical activities. On the other hand, the FIRE feedback report enables you to benchmark your own values in relation to those of all participating colleagues.


By signing the FIRE-Agreement, you entrust the Institute of Primary Care of the University of Zurich with the scientific analysis of the data. The data itself remains your property even after export to the FIRE database server and will not be passed on to third parties for commercial purposes. The FIRE-Agreement will be sent to you upon registration. Therewith you become a member of the «FIRE-Study-Group». Termination of participation is possible at any time and without giving reasons.

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